Save your sanity with a managed website

Managed Websites are a new service offered to help ease the management of your website. These sites also have a cost savings associated with them, and are a great option if you are a new business and don’t have the budget to do a large custom design for your site.

managed website template
One of our many premium templates available for managed websites.

Start with a Template

To get started, simply select one of our amazing starter templates, or let us choose one that will suit your business for you. A starter template allows us to quickly hit the ground running, customizing the template to match your brand. If you already have a logo, we can use that to update the colors to match. Don’t have photos quite yet for your business? No problem! We can utilize high resolution, professional stock images to really make your website stand out!

Next, simply send us all of the content you’d like on your site (text, contact information, hours, etc), and we’ll get to work!

Worry Free Launch

Finding a good host can be tough these days. A lot goes into web hosting, such as CDN (Content Delivery Network) support, what kind of server, and which company will support your site the best. With Managed Websites, we take the worry and stress out of this for you.

With powerful AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers, we configure everything to run smoothly, and more importantly, lightning fast! We handle all of the configuration. All we need from you is for you to purchase a domain, and give us access to configure your domain to point to the server that is hosting your new website.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Launching your site is only the beginning. WordPress core and plugins need to be updated regularly to ensure that your website is secure and running the best it can. Additionally, you need to have backups in place to be sure that your site can get back up and running quickly if the worst were to happen.

Our Managed Website package includes our top of the line maintenance. Regularly, your site will be updated and we make sure that no updates break your site. All of the following is included:

  • Link Monitor – You will be notified if any links to external sites are broken. You never know when another website will change or remove a page you might be linking to!
  • Security Scanning – If a plugin is compromised, your site could be as well. Scanning helps ensure a safe and secure website.
  • Performance Monitor – Did you know that how fast your site is affects your rankings on search engines such as Google? Monitoring your site performance is crucial for good search engine optimization!
  • Uptime Monitor – We receive alerts immediately in the rare instance that your site is down.
  • Monthly Client Report – You will receive a detailed report every month, which includes the uptime monitor stats, as well as your SEO ranking.

Sounds Great, but How Much?

Managed Hosting starts at $149 per month. This includes up to 5 pages, with each additional page adding $19 per month (blog posts are unlimited with no additional cost). Adding eCommerce adds $99 per month.

There are no up front fees to design and build the site, and you’re welcome to cancel at any time as there is no contract.

However, if you do with to take your site elsewhere, we ask that you have paid the equivalent of 6 months in order for us to cover our costs of building and designing the site. If you would like us to help you set it up on another host, we charge a one-time $99 fee.

Ready to get started? Head over to our Start Page to tell us about your project, and we will set up a time to talk with you! See you soon!