Making Money on the Web with Affiliate Marketing - Part 2 - January Update

February 1, 2019

In December, I started a new blog series on making money with affiliate marketing. I purposely did not reveal the site domain or the niche. By the end of December, I had the minimal viable site built and launched on the web.

Next, I started the more boring part of this job, which is building the content. Since it is an Amazon affiliate site, this means finding products on Amazon, and adding them (along with a bunch of the photos) to the site.

Then, in early January, this happened...

Yep, my site, along with a couple other WordPress sites, were hacked. Now, I did have the database backed up on the new affiliate site, however, I did not back up the contents.

So, I have provisioned a new server, and the site is live again. However, I have not recovered the images as of yet. I was so discouraged after the hack, that I just didn't feel like working on it anymore.

But that's not going to stop me! Now that I have everything properly setup on a new server (and DigitalOcean server backups are now turned on!), I am going to focus this first week of February finding and re-uploading all of the lost images.

At the end of this month, I will reveal the site, and show the initial site analytics. I've already started an Instagram account that has seen some interactions, so growing that will be the first priority after updating the site.

Til next time!

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