Creating an Archive Page for a Custom Post Type in OxygenBuilder

March 16, 2019

I've been a real fan of OxygenBuilder since version 2 was released last year. Today, I want to show how to create an Archive page for a Custom Post Type using OxygenBuilder and the free CPT UI plugin for WordPress.

The problem I ran into while building a site for a friend of mine, was that I couldn't find any information on how to build an archive page for a custom post type. In Oxygen, there is a way to create a template for an archive, but I couldn't figure out how to make it actually work without writing custom PHP code. Here's the solution:

First, create a new custom post type using the CPT UI plugin like you would normally do. Next, you want to find these settings on your custom post type:

Set the dropdown to True, and create a slug. For instance, if the custom post type is for paintings for an art gallery, we could set it to paintings. Optional: In your WordPress menu, simply create a custom link with /paintings being your url.

The last step is to actually build your archive design in Oxygen. Open up the Oxygen templates page, and create a new template for your archive. Simply set the template type to an Archive, and target your custom post type.

That's all you need to do! Now just navigate to the slug you specified on your custom post type (in this case /paintings), and you will now see your Oxygen design! You can now use Easy Posts to easily loop over the posts within this custom post type!

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